Rather than going through hoops with the junior staff at your bank, when you work with the Hanley Mortgage group you deal directly with one of our knowledgeable team members. We have the resources that no bank can offer you. What's more, when we're working for you, someone in the know is always here to answer your questions or provide you helpful information. That's teamwork in action.

How can we help you?

Great Credit, No Time

Clients who could get a mortgage anywhere often don't have the time to check every lender for the best rates. Time away from the office is time badly spent, so they count on the expertise and convenience that we provide.


With no contacts in banking and little knowledge of financial regulation in a new country, clients use our services to expedite their purchases. We're not only a one-stop shop for financing, but a conduit to other real estate professionals.

Special Situations

For self-employed clients or those with poor credit, we can structure mortgages based on equity and the client's current ability to service the loan.

Simple Renewals

Over 70% of property owners automatically sign back their mortgage renewals - without even checking to see if there's a better rate somewhere else. By coming to us, these individuals can potentially save themselves thousands of dollars over the term of their mortgage.

We do it all!

We can help you with whatever type of mortgage you need on any kind of property.
  • Commercial/residential
  • Multi-unit residential
  • Single use facilities (gas stations, theatres etc.)
  • Rural/cottage
  • Construction and renovation

Our Specialties

First Time Home Buyers

Buying your first home is a big financial decision and can be an overwhelming process, but with Hanley and Team you won’t be doing it alone. You’ll have a whole mortgage team working with you.

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Out of Country Mortgages

Foreign ownership brings a unique set of intricacies and challenges. At Hanley Mortgage Group, we have a whole world of experience to help non-resident buyers finance a property in Canada.

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Self Employed

As entrepreneurs, our brokers offer a unique understanding of the challenges involved in applying for a mortgage if you are self-employed. Our brokers and agents have the knowledge to guide you through this process.

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New to Canada

In a new country, nothing says you’ve arrived like a new home. Our team has access to innovative programmes offered to single families.

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We have the clout to get you the best rates

Stay on top of rate changes and information you need to know about your mortgage.