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[x_text class=”center-text “]Foreign ownership brings a unique set of intricacies and challenges. At Oriana, we have a whole world of experience to help non­resident buyers finance a property in Canada.[/x_text]

Travel Can Mean a Little Turbulence

[x_text class=”left-text “]If you’re a foreign borrower it’s possible to obtain a mortgage up to 65% of the value of a property. However in order to qualify you will have to show income tax returns so the lender can verify your ability to carry that mortgage.

No income tax returns? This is a huge problem – especially for residents of Hong Kong, Mainland China and the Middle East who often don’t need to pay income tax. What to do? Call us. We know how to find the financing that you need.[/x_text]

The Basics

[x_text class=”left-text “]Once you’ve dealt with the income requirements, mortgages for non­residents aren’t that different from mortgages for residents:[/x_text]
[x_text class=”left-text “]Conventional fixed or variable mortgages are offered[/x_text]
[x_text class=”left-text “]Purchase, refinance, switches all available[/x_text]
[x_text class=”left-text “]Owner occupied secondary/vacation properties, properties occupied by a child and rental properties are eligible[/x_text]
[x_text class=”left-text “]There are wrinkles however, and financial institutions differ on things like withholding taxes, loan to value ratios, down payments – all the areas you look to us to deal with.[/x_text]

Your Passport to a Great Mortgage.

No matter what the challenges, we’ll sort them out.