Coxwell to Kipling, Wilson to Wellesley – We Have the Details!

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A report recently released by a Toronto real estate brokerage outlined the most expensive areas in Toronto by subway station.

If someone is looking to purchase any average property, the most cost-effective area is along the Scarborough line, with Scarborough Centre coming in at an average price of $575,581. The most expensive area in Toronto is near Lawrence station, where the average price comes in at $2,709,023.

This dramatic difference outlines the drastic inequality in the Toronto housing market. The brokerage also outlined how much one-bedroom condos, and townhouses in each area are selling for on average.

These charts are important to consider, as many Torontonians rely on the TTC everyday. The price differences between certain areas could really dictate where these individuals are able to buy homes. If staying near a subway is important to them, then this guide becomes a handy tool from a rough affordability standpoint.

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